Wednesday 18 June 2008


Read here what Tun Dr.Mahathir says about Justice Dato Ian Chin who absconded from Biro Tata Negara (BTN) course which was meant to give a better exposure and understanding about what Malaysia is made of, and what are the Government's policies towards making this nation a better place for all Malaysians.
The disgruntled politician who became a judge by default, it seems, escaped from such a course which was attended by all the other judges.
Maybe he thinks he's an aristocrat who is just fit to RULE others and not be expected to wash his own dinner plates.
To cover his cowardice, he claimed that the BTN course was a boot-camp.
The Sabahans despise this guy just for that, his snobbish attitude.
But Zaid would take this guy to Z&Co if/when he is sacked as this guy has turned out to be an obedient lapdog.

p/s Mr.Samy, wait for your turn. I bet it would be explosive since you're a SAINT. Are you not?

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