Tuesday 24 June 2008


Certain members of Parliament are focusing on Petronas, apparently trying to divert attention from Government over the thoughtless increase in oil prices. If I am not mistaken this is a prelude to appointing a 4th floor candidate as head of Petronas as they did when removing Tengku Mahaleel of Proton.

There is also an attempt to blame me for "advising" the Government on removing the subsidy. I would like to clarify again that although I am called Adviser to Petronas, I do not advise at all, least of all to the Government," says Petronas Adviser Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad. - here http://www.chedet.com/

No wonder the spinners from the mainstream media, RTM and TV3 included, were going all out for Hassan Marican's throat. (Some half-past-six Opposition MPs also joined the bandwagon without knowing head or tail).

Sheih http://www.kickdefella.wordpress.com/ did an earlier point by point analysis which exposed the TRUTH about the fuel price issue and the SPINNING DRAMA of the 4th Floor.

Dear Malaysians! This is exactly how the DEVILS operate ... BEWARE!

NEXT, a MAS-AirAsia merger ?

The ECM Libra & Avenue Capital kindda merger where the dirty RAT swallows the mighty Elephant and Tony becomes the CEO/MD/CFO with a 100% salary increase?

These guys, lead by none other than the guy 'who thinks he is the PM', are screwing our MALAYSIA BOLEH spirit to the maximum.

p/s May God have mercy on Qali & Boys, for mere humans can't possibly forgive these CREATURES.

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