Sunday 22 June 2008


SCOMI's nuclear friendly PARTNER and Kamaluddin Abdullah Badawi FRIEND B.S.A. Tahir released from Kamunting?

B.S.A Tahir was detained under the Internal Security Act sometime in 2004 for his involvement (thru a Scomi subsidiary) in the blackmarket nuclear equipment trading/supply/commissioning.

Sources said he has been released. Whereabouts unknown.

p/s Are you preparing to take-off too Mr.Flip-Flop ? The timing of this recent ISA release looks a bit weird though ... looks like you are allowing the scape-goat to flee without saying anything to the new administration.

Someone please keep track of this Basir guy. We might need a Statutory Declaration from him!

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Conspiracy Theorist said...

Bro Apanama,

Release or disintegrated(dispose) of to sumwhr in dat nowhr,..heheh..wat can I say..dey need to make him disapeared in order to be safe frm Us of A's action on Kamal..neway wat can I say..heheh..(",) another conspiracy theory..


"The biggest conspiracy of all is the claim that there are no conspiracies!"
~ Michael Rivero

Crankster said...

Scomi claims it has been deceived, and that it didn't know it was making parts for a nuclear centrifuge.

Is it for real??

Sometimes it really makes you wonder, was this guy put away for 4 whole years to keep his mouth shut, or because he was genuinely a threat to security?

ISA Inmate Released - BSA Tahir