Wednesday 13 July 2011

Anwar Ibrahim the LIAR !

WATCH this video evidence ... one of them must be telling blatant lies and I'm certain its the desperate Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Bertaubat lah Anwar Ibrahim!

p/s Let's wait for his counter-spin of overlapping one lie with another (his speciality that is) 

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Anonymous said...

Poor poor lame spinning. Where did he say he was not assaulted? Cmon try harder

Anonymous said...

Heard that KJ appeared on CNBC with Nurul and the debate about BERSIH was very interesting.

KJ came out tops with his political acumen. He's a potential UMNO BARU leader.

BERSI is now contemplating wearing yellow every Saturday until it's demands are met.

ApaiSarawak said...

yo bro, that is the real anwar ibrahim that we know. wonder why his followers still stick to the big liar despite his public lying! black is black and white is white!

ApaiSarawak said...

anyway that's the real anwar ibrahim, always spinning stories and telling lies around. wonder why his followers still believe in him despite his public lying act? its a different thing if Hadi Awang did not say anything about the police good treatment on him! sigh...

Anonymous said...


can you confirm if it is true Khairy the snake tried to get Najib to meet Kalimulllar in London bro? I hope Najib is not fooled by these bastards who are part of the conspiring group that tried very hard to prevent Najib from becomng the PM. These same bastards, together with some still in govt and holding positions in Umno ..i.e. nor mohamed jacob, johari baharum, rizal merican, mahadzir khalid, idris, khalid nordin, kuli, zaki etc.
dont forgive and forget these reptiles becoz they're spineless and would bite u back anytime. kalimullar is an animal that would prostitute his daughter for a few ringgit more .
najib must get rid of all this cancer or risk being infected sooner than later.
watch khairy very carefully, esp the money trail. why keep the SULIT file in the safe..take it out and act upon it .

Anonymous said...

poor anon Wednesday, July 13, 2011 8:46:00 PM

perfect candidate for trained lembus, coz IQ super low

already programmed to believe the omega man, no hope for salvation or even reformat

time to go to the dump, to the dump to the dump dump dump