Thursday 21 November 2013

Seeds of hatred... for politics?

Its at work again. This will most probably continue till the next Sarawak state elections. In the past it was solely the contentious NCR land and personal attacks against the state leadership, in particular against BN strongman Taib Mahmud. 

Environmentalist will  the scene when they need of funds and have to create a new 'protect the rainforest or dress-up the Penan' circus' for their sympathizers in the UK or Switzerland. During winter they will be on holiday in Sarawak. Pretending as environmentalists, fooling the locals.

Politics of hatred was on the surface till the 'Allah' issue surfaced. Now it is being piled deeper into the minds of our people, particularly the young. 

It's confirmed that the DAP is drooling to use the contentious 'Allah' issue to penetrate the rural folks. (They did that and won the Sibu by-election). If you could shake up the rural folks via scare mongering and hatred then the BN would be in trouble. Its about planting the seeds of hatred deeper into the society. Faith is indeed very deep. 

And now the Chong Dynasty (DAP warlords in Sarawak) seems to be pushing the limits, intentionally opening another front. I hope the police and the Attorney General's eyes and ears are on this motion to discuss the Malaysia Agreement at the Sarawak State Assembly. 

The motion may seem harmless but what the intention is suspect? Prevention is better than cure. 

Don't allow ambitious warlords/politicians/lawyers/liars and/or traitors within to have the freedom to spread hatred based on lies and false perception.

The authorities took an easy approach before the general elections because some advisors wanted to try liberal politics. It is of not much use to unveil the Opposition's lies now when the damage has been done ( unless we learn from it). I'm sure many who supported Kit Siang after he cried would see idiots when they look into the mirror now.   

The Opposition we know are not good at telling lies. They often get caught with their pants down (40,000 Bangladeshi voters is another example). What beats me is their ability to fool so many people with such foolish stories? 

Look at those details of their bullshits. Army camps, armed forces carriers, C-130s, chartered jumbo jets and many more. Many dare not look into the mirror now but the damage has been done… and we Malaysians forget easily. Who remembers those stories about HIV injection and Arsenic poisoning? 

Jangan mudah lupa! The devil is at work again. Sarawak looks ripe for picking. 

A Malaysian-born international banker with in-depth knowledge about us, in and out, expressed his views recently. I quote the big man in a small frame here "BN will lose in the next General Election if it is business as usual. It doesn't look good".  

Some years ago the same man predicted a certain change that eventually came into being, exactly how he had said it would. I'll take the man in batik very seriously. Start NOW to prevent hatred from destroying our society and by extension this country.

If we allow hatred to rule Sarawak, we will lose even before the next general elections.

It's subtle. 

p/s The man said we must also take a serious look at the way we do things in the government and the BN.… to prevent hatred.

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Anonymous said...

Seeds of hatred? Or seeds of revealation? It is a fact that Sabah and Sarawak are equal partners to West Malaysia, in the Malaysian Federation.
Making Sarawakians and Sabahans more aware of their rights is the government's duty via History lessons in schools.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

frank to say la, east malaysian people easily offended, like indons

you want equality, give peninsular people equals right to enter and worke in srawak.

Anonymous said...

"Don't allow ambitious warlords/politicians/lawyers/liars and/or traitors within to have the freedom to spread hatred based on lies and false perception."

Tell that to Syed Hamid Albar. Had he not tried to be hero, the issue would never have surfaced.

The people there are extremely pissed off, quite rightly, without any outside help.

Who needs politicians?

Anonymous said...

An attempt to drive a wedge between Sarawak leaders and the federal government. It is also an attempt to sow the seeds of hatred among the Sarawakians to the government in the peninsular. Using seditious means by questioning the Malaysian Agreement. It is bizarre and out of nowhere. That agreement has never been disputed before. Otherwise it would have been an issue in the previous GE. I wonder what their motive is. At one time, they whacked the Sarawak leaders to hilt, now they play as their saviour.
Sebelum ni bukan main lagi kutuk-kutuk Ketua Menteri Sarawak. Macam-macam tuduhan dilemparkan. Apa saja pasal berita keburukan Ketua Menteri, digembar-gemburkan sehabis-habisnya tanpa mengira masa. Pastu siap 'taking side' with mat saleh yang dilarang memasuki Sarawak. Siap kutuk-kutuk undang-undang Imigresen Sarawak lagi.
Sekarang mereka ini secara TIBA-TIBA bersimpati dengan nasib rakyat Sarawak. Kononnya mendapat layanan yang tidak setaraf dengan penduduk Semenanjung. Alasan yang sama digunakan kepada penduduk bukan Bumiputra di Semenanjung dalam pilihan raya baru-baru ini. Kononya mereka akan memberikan yang lebih baik lagi. Mereka juga cuba mengapi-apikan sentimen agama dikalangan penduduk berbilang kaum di Sarawak berhubung isu kalimah Allah.
Masa sebelum pilihan raya dulu, bukan main lagi memburuk-burukkan pemimipin Sarawak, sekarang kononya hendaklah menyelamatkan rakyat Sarawak yang kononya dilayan dengan tidak adil oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan.
Tak cukup nak pelahap hak orang Smenanjung, sekarang nak ratah kepunyaan orang Sarawak pula.

Anonymous said...

How true.

The Dapork knows all the tricks how to fool the fools.All because of fishing for votes.They don't care about harmony.They bu@@@ about tolerance.All they care is getting votes.They want to rule for and by themselves.

Anonymous said...

In Semenanjung the Dapork would put all the blame of the nation on UMNO.UMNO being a Malay party is the target.Dapork is anti-Malay for certain.

But in Sarawak not a single components of BN is a Malay party.PBB is a bumiputra party.Thus Dapork cannot blame any party.So Dapork targets the Chief Minister,a Melanau.

The Dapork plays a racial card.It stops at saying that the majority should be at the top.But the Chinese aren't the majority.So the Dapork goes rural where the majority are.So the next election will be in the rural setting.

Dapork is bent to demonise PBB,PRS and SPDP this time around.