Thursday, 5 June 2008


Ya Allah!

Please help us, Malaysians from all walks of life, to remove a cancerous disease in the form of the Prime Minister and his bunch of lunatic advisors.

Ya Allah!

We, Malaysians from every race, religion and credo, have tried almost everything to persuade him to leave and hand over the heavy responsibility to an able leader but Abdullah Ahmad Badawi remains deaf and arrogant.

Ya Allah!

We, the young and old Malaysians who are loyal citizens of this nation, fear that this beloved nation of ours would slide into anarchy if Abdullah is allowed to continue with his destructive stupidity and fake piousness.

Ya Allah!

Abdullah preaches daily about a caring society but he is systematically TORTURING US while ENRICHING his cronies. He’s demanding us to change our life style while he goes shopping purchasing new aircrafts and bullet proof BMWs.

Ya Allah!

We have nowhere and no one else to turn to except you because Abdullah and his band of robbers are getting brutal and daring by the day.

Ya Allah!

He looks more like a TRAITOR than a leader. Please help us to REMOVE him, whichever way you see fit!


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coolie allah said...


tombiruo said... see how TDM exposed TSA

Anonymous said...

Ya Allah, bukakanlah hari pemimpin ini ke jalan yang lurus yang Engkau redhai..Amin

Boss KL

malaysianlover said...

amin yarabbal a'lamin

Anonymous said...

Tuan cubalah pujuk PAS keluar dr PKR dan semua melayu blh sokong PAS; inilah alternatif terbaik dari DSAAB atau DSAI.