Thursday 20 August 2015

Are the curtains coming down on Najib's 1MDB ?

UPDATED! IGP: Former Special Branch deputy requested leave to rest, not ordered - MalayMailOnline

LATEST: Dear media friends, former SB dep director Datuk Hamid will give a pc later today. Venue and time to be confirmed. Pc would be on 1MDB and expose of other misconducts in the administration. Stay tuned for updates. - (WhatsApp message)

Earlier Malay Mail report below -

Senior Special Branch officer gets sudden transfer to PM’s Dept, told to go on long leave

A special ceremony was conducted behind closed doors in Bukit Aman earlier today, which saw Abdul Hamid passing on the baton as deputy director of the police intelligence agency to an assistant, Datuk Mohd Haniff Hanudin. — Picture by Yap Tzu Ging
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — In another abrupt change within government agencies, Datuk Abdul Hamid Bador was today transferred out of the Special Branch (SB) and into the Prime Minister’s Department where he will head a new security division reporting directly to Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

A special ceremony was conducted behind closed doors in Bukit Aman earlier today, which saw Abdul Hamid passing on the baton as deputy director of the police intelligence agency to an assistant, Datuk Mohd Haniff Hanudin who was heading a unit called E4 that deals with the political extremist threat.

Abdul Hamid confirmed the transfer when contacted, but said he was in the dark on the reasons for his abrupt work shift.

“No… they just told me to go to JPM, so I go to JPM lah,” he told Malay Mail Onlinewhen contacted, using the Malay abbreviation for the Prime Minister’s Department.

“No reason given and I just received the letter yesterday… earlier today, there was a ceremony to hand over my duty.”

He added that he would take up his new duties at the Prime Minister’s Department on September 2, as he was currently on leave from work.

Malay Mail Online understands Abdul Hamid was ordered to go on “long leave” before assuming new duties as the head of a new security and transnational crime division under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

Contacted today, Bukit Aman confirmed Abdul Hamid’s transfer and that the latter is on leave but denied knowledge on his next posting.

Abdul Hamid’s promotion is the latest change to take place within the SB following last month’s shock Cabinet reshuffle, which saw Datuk Seri Mohamad Fuzi Harun replacing Datuk Seri Akhil Bulat as SB director. - MalayMailOnline

There has been some desperate attempts to sabotage the Special Branch Deputy Director's intended Press Conference (as notified via the WhatsApp message above) by individuals known to be Najib Razak's 'operators' and their lackeys in the media circle. As desperate situations demand desperate measures the identity of the said individuals could be exposed if the situation warrants. 

Below is the fake message being spread by the said individuals. Its FAKE. 

THIS MESSAGE IS A FAKE! -  "Dear media friends, Dato' Abdul Hamid Bador, former Deputy Director of Special Branch will hold a press conference on 21st Aug at Bukit Aman after Friday prayers to explain Tun Mahathir involvements in the doctoring and fabrication of 1MDB documents to attack and topple the Prime Minister. After that Dato Hamid will lodge a police report with all evidences for Tun Mahathir to be charged under Section 124 Panel Code along with Claire Brown". 

The original message (also unverified) is as at the top of this page

P.S. Please be on the lookout for more desperate attempts by the traitors. Verify all messages and provocative propaganda. 


Anonymous said...

Good work blogger Apanama

Semoga Allah merahmati dirimu kerana telah banyak berjasa membongkar jenayah 1MDB oleh PM dan kuncu2nya

Didoakan like thinking bloggers like OTSB, DIN TURTLE, JMD, DAKJ, TS ZAM, DJ DIN, PUTRA MERDEKA dan lain akan terus menyelongkar kemusnahan yang telah dilakukan oleh traitors of the malays, islam and the nation.


Anonymous said...

I hope Hamid tells the truth.

Nothing more or less.

Anonymous said...

Aamiin ya rabil'alamin

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Saya kenal Tuan Hamid. Patriot tulen dalam pasokan. Allah hu Akbar

Anonymous said...

Dato Sri Akil Bulat juga harus tampil bersama Dato Hamid demi mempertahankan negara kita Malaysia dan pasokan Polis DiRaja Malaysia dari kerakusan ahli politik tidak berhati perut. Ini sumpah setia kita kepada Raja dan tanahair.

SM Shahideen

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah. Moga yg terbaik dari beliau. Jasanya tetap akan d kenang....kerana negara sedang menunggu pencetus utk menamatkan penipuan ini.

Anonymous said...

IGP tan sri khalid takut dengan ALLAH atau najib dan zahid?

Anonymous said...

As much as I like the PC to be held as mentioned, but I just don't think it will happen.

Too sad, the country will continue to go down the slippery slope and we the rakyat will have to suffer for it.

Really pray that the All Mighty GOD will come to our help.

Anonymous said...

They make man in blue very messy....seems like actual scenario is more havoc inside compare to peace on surfaces.

Anonymous said...

He will have a sudden change of mind, lots of pressure against the pc!

Anonymous said...

Second head has rolled at the very top of Abu Dhabi’s Aabar sovereign wealth fund, giving yet another strong signal that there are major concerns in the Gulf state over being drawn into Malaysia’s escalating financial and political scandals.

A low key announcement has been released over the past few hours to confirm that the Mohamed al Husseiny, Chief Executive Officer of Aabar, a subsidiary of International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) will be replaced, active from August 24th i.e. next Monday.

According to the Gulf Business Times no reason has been given for the sudden departure. However, the fund claimed in its announcement that the decision was “part of Aabar’s succession plans.


Mohamed al Husseiny is the same guy who connects Falcon Bank Singapore, the JV with 1MDB in 2013, and $100 million PERSONAL financing for that Wolf movie.

I think UAE knows about the "donation".

Anonymous said...

IGP harus ingat, jangan terlalu ikut arahan buta tuli.

Nanti macam Azilah dan Sirul - last last kena gantung sebab terlalu takut dengan big boss.

Anonymous said...

Chivalry has not expired in this land ... keep it up dear bro.