Tuesday 18 August 2015

MALAYSIA - Conspiracy of a thickhead and his jesters

It was a mega conspiracy which briefly became an old man's plot before re-emerging as a conspiracy again. It is touted as actions detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

Initially the tale was presented with much awe, with the alleged involvement of retired top notch politicians, foreign nationals, a media magnate and his entire stable of media outfits and even a former Prime Minister's aide. The infamous and totally untrustworthy fugitive blogger who has now transformed into Najib Razak's greatest lover was among the first to spin the tale. 

Xavier Justo, who never tampered or falsified any 1MDB-PetroSaudi documents or the fugitive blogger's outrageous Statutory Declaration, was also thrown into the plot. When Justo was arrested in Thailand for some other crime, the jesters went into overdrive trying to humour the thickhead. The thickhead thought he had successfully covered his tracks and fooled the people.

As the thickhead is such he couldn't understand why the people refused to believe a single word that he and his jesters were saying, while fresh evidence and expose of the thickhead's numerous crimes against the nation continued.

In recent weeks the conspiracy to topple the government via actions detrimental to parliamentary democracy by utilising Justo's tempered/fabricated/falsified documents on 1MDB-PetroSaudi scandal has all but died. Justo's sentencing to a three-year jail by a Thai Court for blackmailing his employer must have nailed it tight. Justo seems to be a forgotten part of the play now.

Suddenly we have another conspiracy or a plot to topple the government through the back door, or so say a few jesters who could soon be promoted as junior thickheads for their ability to outperform even the best of clown from the Three Stooges. 

Initially it was an old man. A retired, old but influential politician. Then it was the old man, a lawyer, a yellow A4 paper and about 20 other Members of Parliament from the coalition which the lame-duck Prime Minister leads. We still don't know who the old man is but MPs openly accused as being part of the conspiracy by another jester of an anonymous blogger has drawn multiple police reports. Watch closely how the police, particularly the Inspector General of Police, treats these reports compared to the fresh reports alleging another round of 'actions detrimental to parliamentary democracy'.

This latest conspiracy tale is nothing but another attempt to hoodwink the people. Everybody knows it and a few have come forward to educate certain politician/ministers. 

The action of Members of Parliament getting together in private to deliberate on the state of affairs of the nation is not a crime. It is certainly not a conspiracy or a plot. It is the right thing to do and it is provided for under the law. 

If more than half of the 222 elected representatives of the people from throughout the nation who have been allowed to sit in Dewan Rakyat as Members of Parliament decide that Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak is unfit to lead the Government then the Prime Minister must step down. That is the law, it is NOT A CRIME. 

Lately shouts of 'over our dead body' by a minister reverberated threatening those who dared to break ranks to bring down a government via the backdoor. Please confine such threats within the party for party members. It may be an offence within the party, Umno/BN, to break ranks but do take note that desperate times requires desperate measures. 

If you ask me 'Are we in a desperate situation now? I might slap you or get someone to recruit you as the thickhead's jester because you must be an undisputed idiot.
MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu who is also a former Deputy Minister explains the provisions in a simple way in his Facebook.

To be a sitting duck is our choice
Some friends ask me, what are the ways that a sitting Prime Minister can be unseated? 
If you believe in the rule of law and the constitutional process, which i no doubt defend, a sitting prime minister can only be "removed" when he loses the confidence of the majority elected members of Parliament.

If you feel, as I do, that despite his earlier efforts as an inclusive and an open liberal minded PM, our PM has
- lost the moral legitimacy to lead the Government of the day,
- could no longer resolve the crisis of confidence that the Government and the Nation are facing, and yet
-- political process doesn't seem to be able to bring about immediate changes ?
Well, please express your honest view to your MP, both in private and public; even organize a petition to ask your MP to take a clear and unequivocal stand whether he or she still think that our PM should continue to serve.
That will be a democratic process one could take. ..or to be a sitting duck and to wait for GE to cast your vote of discontent.
Of course,one is at full liberty and has full political right to defend our PM and accords him the benefit of doubt and express one's confidence in him.
The choice is ours.
Do remember, the mandate of PM and MPs all come from the People.
"The Government is not legitimate,unless it is carried on with the consent of the governed." ....John Locke, 《Two Treatises of Government》

So, attempting to remove a Prime Minister who has - lost the moral legitimacy to lead the Government of the day, could no longer resolve the crisis of confidence that the Government and the Nation are facing is not a crime. It is in fact national service. A service to Malaysia and her people.
If the IGP and others are still hungry try probing deeper into the recent statements and media interviews of Datuk Haji Abdul Rahman Dahlan the Member of Parliament for Kota Belud and Minister in the Federal Cabinet. 
Abdul Rahman Dahlan may have exposed the actual CONSPIRACY, plot and a host of definite actions seriously undermining parliamentary democracy in our nation. 
The real conspiracy could be the heinous plot to maintain a possible criminal at the helm of the administration, by hook or crook. Abdul Rahman has admitted to such acts, in an open interview with The Star newspaper. 
It is obvious now that even the Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa has lied to justify the recent removal of Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail. By Abdul Rahman Dahlan's admission, Gani was not removed because he was sick. Gani was removed because the Prime Minister was about to be charged for a crime against this nation. This was what Rahman Dahlan said. 
Please be reminded that Rahman Dahlan is also the Strategic Communications Director of Barisan Nasional. He said Najib had to 'take people out' after realising that there was a criminal charge being finalised against him.
So, who are the conspirators and what really is the conspiracy? 
Who decided that the move to charge Najib was a conspiracy or a plot? 
Have the police instituted any action or investigation based on Abdul Rahman Dahlan's admission. Why is the often talkative IGP silent on this revelations? 
I'm not a fan of Lim Kit Siang (He has even blocked me on Twitter as in the case of numerous other Opposition politicians after heated exchanges in the past) but I fully agree with the veteran DAP leader's call for Abdul Rahman Dahlan's arrest. 
If we are really keen to expose the real conspiracy to rob the nation and fool the people with lies and deception via deliberate abuse of power and position, we can. As Gan Ping Sieu rightly put it, to be a sitting duck is also our choice.
Those of you who are blowing your trumpet threatening everything that moves including Members of Parliaments against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of the 30-odd million Malaysians please take note that you may inadvertently be the biggest promoters of street demonstrations. 
If you try to scuttle basic democratic rights of the people, via their elected representatives in this case, as provided for under any Parliamentary Democracy, you will just fuel greater public anger. 
Bersih is just around the corner. Don't push those still reluctant Malaysians to the streets.  Thank You!
Stand Up Malaysia! 


Anonymous said...

Spot on. Gan Ping Sieu for MCA President!!

Anonymous said...

chief jester _ paul stadlen, the british colonist

Anonymous said...

With a flurry of revelations, massive and humongous of its size and scale over past months, the fact that he still there smiling and waving like nobody business shows that we are a long way to go to become a developed nation. Ours is no different from a despot in third world country who treated the country and its institutions as personal belonging and can be dispose off at one's own will.

Anonymous said...

Sya rasa jika yg baju biru x boleh/x dapat/x sesuai/x gembira/x serius/x jujur wat keje, baik BERENTI JE LA...

Abis smua dikantoinya kecuali mereka yg benar2 bermasalah...

Jaga lah integriti pasukan anda....jgn kerna anda sorang abis seluruh pasukan dikeji/dihina...jangan spai org kata mentang2 baju biru smua buat ikut sedap jer...ingat!!! Yg bayor gaji korang pun kami rakyat!!!

Buat keje yg sepatutnya dan bukan kerana ada yg menyuruh!!! Kami x mta lebih cuma kami minta ADIL, JUJUR & PROFESIONAL!!!

Jika x berkemampuan...sila BERENTI!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gan you are behaving like a noble and courageous people's leader. Confucius would be proud of you....

Anonymous said...

Sdr Apanama,
very well put together, and the rakyar supports the immediate arrest of the Dahlan man ! Go get him, IGP without fear !

Anonymous said...

Why was Liow elected as MCA president when there is a candidate Gan highly qualified and who could also attract the Chinese back to the arms of MCA?
Vote Liow out democratically and/or write to your MP!

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Prime Thickhead will not participate in discussions to determine the truth of matters; neither does he have patience for those who disagree with him. Instead of inspiring the government administration to excellence, he practices nepotism within his own circle of groupies. This must be a cosmic comedy before the curtain falls on the denizens of hell!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he won't be offered a cabinet post after this. People easily be tempted by money and position these days. Everyone can be baught now. Cash is truly a king..

Anonymous said...

Yes with the massive debt accumulated by 1MDB, Najib may just pawn Malaysia to save his thick skin.

Through loans, IMF could also be guilty of "enslaving" countries by extending debts when these countries are down.

So instead of the illegal toppling of a democratically elected government, it is NOW national service to submit a vote of no confidence towards Najib.

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... Bro Apanama n fellow Malaysians..

"The AhJibGo Factor"

These "Clans of 'Kaki Bodek Otak Udang Minda Lemah' People" got nothing better to do ke.. Bila mereka buka mulut je bohong3.. Go2 and fix the 'Declining Malaysian Economy' la, stop making fools of yourselves to the rakyat..

***Tepuk dahi**

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

ZinaZain said...

SENSATIONAL FINDINGS! - Prime Minister Najib Razak's Personal Accounts Linked To 1MDB Money Trail MALAYSIA EXCLUSIVE!
2 Jul 2015

Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny CEO of Aabar was also Chair of Falcon Bank at the time of the multi-million dollar transactions into Najib's account and he remains a current Board Member at the Aabar/IPIC owned bank.

Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny CEO of Aabar was also Chair of Falcon Bank at the time of the multi-million dollar transactions into Najib’s account and he remains a current Board Member at the Aabar/IPIC owned bank.

In a shocking development it has been learnt that investigators have traced billions of ringgit linked to the 1MDB money trail into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts.

Amongst a series of key transactions it has been identified that a total of RM42 million recently flowed from a controversial company linked to 1MDB, SRC International Sdn Bhd, into the PM’s own private accounts.

These personal accounts were held clearly under the name of “Dato’Sri Mohd Najib Bin Hj Abd Razak” at AmPrivate Banking in Kuala Lumpur.

Even more sensationally, a total of US$681,999,976 (RM2.6 billion) was separately wire transferred from the Singapore branch of the Swiss Falcon private bank owned by the Abu Dhabi fund Aabar into the Prime Minister’s private AmBank account in Kuala Lumpur, on March 2013, just in advance of the calling of the General Election.
AG Abdul Gani Patail - the information is on his desk

AG Abdul Gani Patail – the information is on his desk

Aabar has been connected to numerous financial transactions involving 1MDB.

The transfers from the fund’s wholly owned Falcon Bank into Najib’s AmPrivate Banking account took place just days after the signing of a so-called “strategic partnership” between Malaysia and Abu Dhabi on 12th March 2013.

This resulted in the issuing of a US$3 billion bond guaranteed by the the Malaysian Government as part of a “50 50 joint venture between 1MDB and Aabar” to develop the Tun Razak Exchange project.

However, there have been many queries since about what happened to the money; about the failure to develop the Tun Razak Exchange project and about why Aabar itself never contributed, as promised, to the so-called joint venture? sarawakreport.org

Anonymous said...

Caption for 1st picture: Constipated GUILT

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Is there any legal means of removing or unsitting a MP? If there is, it is much easier to remove a 'shitting' MP to allow people to elect a proper, intelligent, no bulls MP, so that the newly elected MPs can then cast their vote of no-confident in the Parliment to un-sit (means to shit or to urinate) the lame duck, the very sinful and the very shameful PM. ��

Anonymous said...

The felony of consummate balls-carrying (with undue diligence)? Jinayah al-Haram Jadah!

Anonymous said...

This thickhead has dozens of dickheads protecting him...and it is no conspiracy or difficult to name few of the obvious dickheads.

Anonymous said...

IGP, how long can you pretend? You are a trained officer. You are an expert in flushing out liars and cheaters. You can tell if somebody is telling you a lie. How long can you go on pretending that all the evidence you have before you are not true? How can you allow a suspect to occupy the highest position in the country? How can you allow yourself to be used as a tool to protect criminal acts? DO you not foresee that if you allow this, the whole country will be gone?
The people of Malaysia will not forgive you. History will mark you down as the man responsible for thieves, robbers, and gangsters to run amuck in our beloved Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Your readers seems not to know that the dickhead fugitive blogger is RPK.

Anonymous said...

plain simple you all DAPigs puppets... stop your subversive agenda... no one push people to the street !! your dirty politic shall be put to END by vote in GE14 !!

Anonymous said...

dont pretend la DApigs puppet... people know your subversive agenda !!

Geng Mamak said...

Was Zahid made to look stupid and becomes the latest addition to the fools list ? So now they are going to find an old man to make it up. Ayoyo !

Anonymous said...

PAS has come out to confirm they will support a vote of no-confidence in the PM should it be brought up in Parliament.
There you are to those that say there is an "alleged" plot. This is not a plot, but a grouping of like minded MPs who want to see the PM replaced asap.

Do remember, this is not a plot to bring down the govt, because UMNO/BN will appoint someone from among their own ranks/parties to head the govt. Only it wont be Najib.

Anonymous said...

One more......NAJIB IS DEAD!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that greedy slanderer with pretences to literate punkmanship.

Anonymous said...

Last time I hate the slogan

"ABU - Asal Bukan UMNO"

(who came out with this?)
..because I'm an UMNO supporter.

But now I come out with a new slogan

ABuN - Asal Bukan Najib

(Not Abon the comedian la!)

Anonymous said...

Can parliament kick out his deputy with no-confidence vote as well?

Geng Mamak said...

First they have to kick out the PM. Then a new cabinet will be formed including the DPM.

Bersih had in the past contributed to Badawi's fall. Ironically, at the very same time a now declared fugitive blogger was giving live updates on the rally in support for it. Look at how times have changed ... but not the Rakyat who still live and breath in Malaysia. To you exiled man, Podah Daa Deii !

Anonymous said...

That's a good one...