Monday 17 August 2015

More LIES about Malaysian Prime Minister in SARAWAK REPORT's latest article?

Hey Big Spender!

17 Aug 2015

Najib used both a Visa and a MasterCard on the 2014 holiday splurge
Prime Minister Najib Razak splashed over US$1 million on his credit cards during the month of August in the year following the election, according to information received by Sarawak Report.
The spending took place in Europe while he was on a summer holiday.

For most people to run up such a bill on mere expenses while on holiday would seem astounding, but the Prime Minister has always declined to explain how such conspicuous spending has been funded.

The bills were run up on two cards Najib was using in August 2014, a Visa and a MasterCard from CIMB & Maybank.

Over RM2.8 million was spent from the MasterCard and around RM500,000 was splashed on the Visa in just the one month.  Sarawak Report has further details.

Where does Malaysia’s ‘First Family’ get all their money?
Baubles and bags… costing millions…

This is just the latest information about conspicuous spending by Najib and his wife, but it comes after Malaysia was left wondering why he had transferred US$650 million out of the country, from money which he had earlier explained a donation to UMNO.

The Prime Minister and his wife have attracted world-wide scrutiny caused by their ostentatiousness.  In the United States news has seeped out of a jaw-dropping bill covering Rosmah’s stay at the Hotel Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, while spending Christmas with her son Riza in 2013.

Her bill for a week’s stay at the Hotel was over US$300,000, reliable sources have informed us.
Hollywood luxury…. but most guests don’t spend US$300,000 on a visit.

There have been numerous other reports of eye-catching spending, including the millions spent this year on the couple’s extended wedding celebrations for Rosmah’s daughter and a series of expensive houses purchased for Riza Aziz in the United States.

Last month Sarawak Report detailed how Rosmah’s fabled addiction to buying hugely expensive jewellery is managed through the same businessman who has been identified as the Prime Minister’s proxy at 1MDB, Jho Low.

It would therefore be incumbent on any Prime Minister in a country governed by the rule of law to give an account with regard to the series of unsustainable claims that have recently been made about supposed anonymous and secret ‘donations’ to UMNO in his personal account and missing billions from 1MDB being held in ‘units’ in banks.
Rosmah’s favoured New York yellow diamond seller…

Najib Razak has noticeably failed to deny our statement last week that over US$650 million were transferred back from his personal account in KL, supposedly managing the secret ‘donation’ from an anonymous source on behalf of UMNO, to the account in Falcon Bank in Singapore from where US$681 had originally been paid.

Our information is that there was in fact over a billion dollars from various sources in this particular AmPrivate Bank account in KL, belonging to Najib, in the period preceding what has been widely recognised as a bought election.

The US$650 was what remained when he closed the account in August 2013.

The Prime Minister has now after weeks of implied denial admitted the payment into this account of US$681 million, but is remaining silent over our latest information about where the remainder of this and the other sums was transferred.
Najib the centre of attention on the PetroSaudi yacht in 2009 – he was the rainmaker after all.

He has also provided no evidence of a shred of accountability over the expenditure of money that he says he was holding on behalf of the party and “not for personal use”.

Instead, his supporters have started to imply that a Malaysian Prime Minister (unlike for example a US President) should be considered to be above the law in and that any attempt to investigate this matter should be treated as a crime, rather than any crime itself.

The same supporters are now also claiming that the hallowed tradition of a vote of no confidence in a Prime Minister (used as the standard tool in parliaments across the world for getting rid of duds) should also be considered and illegal and unconstitutional device in Malaysia against Najib Razak.

The rest of Malaysia, however, will be forced in the absence of credible explanations to make inevitable deductions regarding the unexplained disappearances of public money and the coincidental but equally unexplained conspicuous spending of the person who was last handling it. - Sarawak Report 

I think its high time for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak to take legal action against Sarawak Report for telling lies and reporting absurd stories about him, his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and Datin Seri's son Reza Aziz.

This time around they are also reporting about Najib's credit card expenses. This is a BIG no. How could Sarawak Report do that? There must be a leakage somewhere. But wait, don't waste time on small flies. Sarawak Report's informers and moles can't sort this out, unless they have been fabricating evidence or tampering documents. Even Xavier Justo has not tampered or fabricated evidence as alleged earlier.

Obtaining a warrant of arrest against Sarawak Report editor and journalist Clare Newcastle Brown that could not be served or executed is also just as good as sending a wish list to Santa Claus. 

If whatever that Sarawak Report has reported so far, especially those abuse of power/corruption/money laundering/cheating and treachery allegations are nothing but fabricated lies against Najib and family then the Prime Minister has no choice but to sue Sarawak Report. 

Blocking access to Sarawak Report is not a solution. In fact blocking the site has now made it more popular that it is available through so many other platforms and sites (I get my feed through FB, Twitter and smartphone social messaging applications now while previously you had to search for the site on the WWW).

Whoever came up with the idea of blocking access to Sarawak Report, without any justification from MCMC to-date, have certainly not done the Prime Minister a favour (if that was indeed the intention).

Suppose the Prime Minister's lawyers are still busy seeking expert advice/opinions/etc before suing the Wall Street Journal for its reports about the detailed money trail of approximately RM2.6 billion making its way into his personal account, may I also suggest for the learned lawyers to include Sarawak Report in their list of 'those who must be sued' to clear Najib's name. 

Remember that this is not just about Najib the son of an illustrious former Prime Minister. It is very much about a serving Prime Minister of Malaysia and his flamboyantly popular wife and her son. How dare Sarawak Report talk about our first lady's handbags.

Sue them all. Najib should sue Tun Dr Mahathir too for saying "Najib has basically stolen the Government." 

 p.s. Big Spender is NOT spenda besar. 


Anonymous said...

Consider this scenario:

What if the actual whistle blowers are not Malaysian but foreigners who have been watching Najib and family for political expediencies.

What if all these information could be used to arm-twist the head of government??

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful Sarawak Report.

Sue them.

By the way, they have added something like 40,000 Facebook fans since they were blocked. Guess they are happy to be more famous?

I think Scotland Yard will listen to our govt and arrest her in Scotland, because our govt thinks Scotland Yard is in Scotland.

They also tried mintak tolong from Wales Yard and Ireland Yard.

But only Scotland Yard kawan setia M'sia.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The UMNO spin machine is breaking down.

2.6 billion from Saudi as thanks for fighting ISIS?


"If it were true that the RM2.6 billion deposited into Najib’s personal bank account was allegedly in appreciation for Malaysia’s efforts in combating Isis, then Najib would not have sung the praises for Isis at the 20th anniversary dinner of the Cheras Umno Branch on June 24, 2014, calling on Umno members to emulate their bravery."

"The deposit of RM2.6 billion into Najib’s personal bank accounts occurred in March 2013, more than a year before Najib’s speech to Cheras Umno and the creation of the caliphate and the change of Isis to the Islamic State," he added."

In March 2013, ISIS did not exist. Even ISIL did not exist:

And was seen in no way as a direct threat to Saudi.


"Not only did Malaysia receive the donation from Saudi Arabia, two or three more countries also received, including the Muslim community in the Philippines and (southern) Thailand," Wan Adnan was further reported as saying during the opening of the Umno Kuantan division meeting.

Errrrmmmmm, mangkuk.

There was no legitimate govt recipient who can represent "the Muslim community in the Philippines" back in 2013, except Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which is an underground movement.

In Southern Thailand, your choice:

Some of these are ISIS-linked.

So you are saying our gomen is in the same category for "donations"?

Does the Saudi gomen want to comment?

Do the Philippines and Thailand gomens want to comment?

Has this mangkuk created a diplomatic firestorm?

paktam said...

How to sue when MACC confirmed that the money was in his account and he claimed that the president had the authority to use the money as he pleases.

Anonymous said...

Just to show you that i'm a billionaire.....i must spend like! You know...i have so much money ..further more this my!
.....This is what he think while enjoying read your post with his wife.....hehe

Sekali berdayung 2 pulau terlampaui....
Sekali untung 2 pulau terbeli...

Tai-pan Jr said...

As'Salam... Bro Apanama n Malaysians semua..

"The AhJibGo Factor"

***asking with deceitful confidence** "Nak BR1M lagi ke tidak?"

***and the crowds fearlessly replied** "TAK NAK!"

"Discussion Is Dead"
"Diplomacy Is Dead"
"Democracy IS Dead"

Oh MalaysiaKu... Tanah Tumpah DarahKu..

Anonymous said...

ANON 6:40,
What if we considered you an alien force from another galaxy who have basically spiked Jibby Gor to create havoc on earth ... basically head twisted the Boogeysman into insanity? Huh? Then we'll have to get both Jibby and you .....

Anonymous said...

Good one! Wakakaka! I just can't wait for the responses by the asskissing team! This would be another hilarious week, just what we need to subdue our sorrow from the economic nosedive. Can't wait for the replies by Zahid Komedi, Mat Maslan Nasi goreng ridsect, Ku Roti Nan, Syed Keriuk, and the rest of the perasan pandai advisers especially from Menthos consulting. Korang ni memang Maharaja Lawak...

Upin said...

Perasan pandai advisers Methos, Eros, Paul Steadler, OpsSol, Asshole, EricSeeHole, CaptainWanker, Elvi's SEED, WakeUp, FaridPonen, Ehfini NaibJohan,BruWang, AnjinGemokAnsara, SalahuhuDinMasam, ayam4you, RahmanDahan, OmakOng, AMhairy, Hanif YoYon, Azmi Asshard, writelajulaju, MyKMUnta, BarkingChibai, Raja Putrek, 90% lintah. 10% wanking to cover father's sin.

Anonymous said...

Just Sue Sarawak Report, Najib

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak questioned the veracity of the UK-based Sarawak Report, which has published a series of allegations against 1MDB.

This came just a day after Sarawak Report claimed that US$650 million of the US$681 million deposited into Najib’s personal bank accounts was transferred back overseas.

However, Najib did not specifically address the latest allegation but focused on the credibility of the whistleblower’s past reports about 1MDB.

“Are the emails true or not? Have they been doctored?” Najib asked, during his speech at the launch of the Umno Kepala Batas delegates meeting today.

“We do not know whether the reports are true or not. We should be asking all these questions,” he said.)

“Even the (claims of) RM42 billion losses (incurred by 1MDB) – if it were true, How come there were offers of billions of ringgit to buy 1MDB assets)?” Najib queried.

Source: Just Sue Sarawak Report, Najib, Malaysiakini

Anonymous said...

Najib Guna Whatsapp Tentukan Rombak Kabinet

Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Najib Razak dikatakan membuat keputusan rombakan Kabinet menerusi aplikasi Whatsapp dan tidak berbincang menerusi saluran tertinggi parti tersebut.

Ketua UMNO bahagian Pontian, Datuk Ir Hasni Mohammad mendedahkan, sehari sebelum rombakan Kabinet dilaksanakan, pengendali kumpulan WhatsApp ketua-ketua UMNO bahagian meminta pandangan ahli kumpulan terbabit sama ada rombakan perlu dilakukan atau tidak.

"Satu hari sebelum rombakan Kabinet, ketua-ketua bahagian diminta beri pandangan perlu atau tidak, kalau 150 bersetuju, pentadbir atau admin WhatsApp ketua-ketua bahagian ini berkata presiden akan laksanakan," kata memetik laporan TMI.

Hasni mempertikaikan cara yang digunakan itu kerana sebarang keputusan yang penting perlu dirujuk terlebih dahulu menerusi Majlis Tertinggi atau Badan Perhubungan UMNO Negeri.

"Kenapa kaedah Majlis Tertinggi dan Badan Perhubungan tidak lagi digunapakai," katanya.

Tambah Hasni lagi ada ketua bahagian di dalam kumpulan Whatsapp itu yang besar kepala dan menghukum ketua bahagian yang lain hanya kerana mereka lebih rapat dengan Najib.

"Ada setengah ketua bahagian yang baru sekali dua berjumpa dengan presiden, malah dalam WhatsApp itu ada ketua bahagian yang sudah rasa besar dan boleh menghukum ketua bahagian lain

"Malah mereka ini boleh hukum saya kalau kenyataan yang saya cakap ini menyinggung presiden," katanya.

Mengulas tentang penyingkiran Muhyiddin Yassin dari Kabinet, Hasni menyifatkan tindakan itu tidak wajar dan tidak boleh diterima sama sekali.

"Kami Umno Johor menyokong rombakan Kabinet tapi kami tidak menyokong penyingkiran Tan Sri daripada Kabinet," katanya.

"Kami sangat terluka," katanya -

Apanama said...

A Kadir Jasin

Puisi Perjuangan Buat Anina

MARAH mu dapat ku rasa
Kerana seperti mu juga
Aku pernah muda
Jiwa ku juga pernah gelora
Marah terbakar panas membara.

Pernah ku tuliskan puisi
Dalamnya menyala api
Mengutuk memarahi
Ayah ku sendiri
Kerana orang tua ku itu
Setianya kepada Umno melulu.

Aku sayang dia
Aku kasih dia
Dialah wira ku
Dialah idola ku.

Tapi aku tidak setuju
Setianya kepada ketua terlalu
Seolah-olah mereka itu tuhan
Harus dipuja tanpa batasan.

Maka ku kata kepadanya
Apakah kita anjing-anjing mereka?

Ayah tidak memarahi ku
Kerana pendirian ku itu
Cuma katanya
Kasar bahasa ku
Bukan cerminan
Bangsa Melayu.

Dan kalau hari ini
Di sini aku berdiri
Tidak takut bara dan api
Meluahkan rasa hati
Itu semua kerana ayah ku
Yang menyemai semangat jitu
Agar aku tidak takut bayang-bayang
Tidak gentar hantu dan jembalang.

Maka aku boleh merasa marah mu
Panas membara jiwa mu
Melihat bangsa ini dipersenda
Dibuaikan dengan nyanyian dusta.

[Kononnya ada raja yang sangat kaya
Harta banyak tidak terkira
Sangat mulai hati budinya
Memberi sadaqah dan derma.]

Alhamdulillah, dalam generasi mu
Masih ada anak muda seperti mu
Yang tidak mudah diperdaya ditipu
Dengan cerita karut merapu
Dan diayah palsu.

Ayuh, gerakkan generasi mu
Agar tidak longlai dan layu
Kerana bumi ibunda ini milik mu
Engkaulah penyambung hayat bangsa
Srikandi pengarak panji-panji negara
Kerana untuk mu lah Malaysia
Untuk pemudi dan pemuda
Yang masih segar jiwanya
Belum kotor dinodai kuasa
Belum korup disuap harta
Belum buta kerana wang berjuta
Belum bisu takutkan ketua
Belum tertipu dengan kata dusta.

Buat mu anak ku
Doa dan pesan ku
Hidup ini tiada makna
Kalau sekadar tidur lena
Dibuai mimpi-mimpi palsu
Sedangkan bangsa mu
Makin pudar dan layu
Dicemuh dan dicerca
Dihina sepanjang masa.

Perjuangan mu baru bermula
Perjuangan ku belum selesai
Ayuh, mari kita bersama-sama
Menongkah arus melawan badai
Melayarkan bahtera merdeka
Agar tidak patah kemudinya
Tidak tumbang tiang layarnya
Demi Malaysia negara kita
Bumi tercinta
Anugerah Tuhan Yang Esa.


Anonymous said...

anon 6.40pm i can also ask thousands "what if" questions doh, what a waste of brain time. now what if you like to suck monkey's dong!

Anonymous said...

Next spin will be Brunai Investment had given accomodation free at Bel-Air Hotel

Brunai Investment owns Bel-Air Hotel.

Anonymous said...

In the midst of this pandemonium, Ali Baba and his 40 thieves made detailed escaped plan.....NZ, Oz, Canada, Finland, UK, US, Indonesia, errr the list is long but all with a safe bet that when the time comes for Malaysia to implodes these goons will be way ahead out of the country!

Having said that closest territory would be top choice for reason of easy blend of features and 'biomatrix' (not Biometric as these Ali Baba & 40 Thieves are more advanced) and they can be lost in a sea of 300 million people!

Anonymous said...


"21. So there is a stalemate. But the economy is reacting in its own way. The Ringgit has depreciated to below its old fixed rate of RM3.80 to the USD. It is now at 4 Ringgit plus and is likely to drop further. The effect is to make the country poor. Paying debts by 1MDB in USD would cost more. Already 1MDB is unable even to service its debts.

22. The stock market has all but collapsed. Investors, especially foreign investors are taking out their money to safer places abroad.

23. The Government is short of funds. It has to cut budget allocations to all ministries. The introduction of the GST has only resulted in increasing the cost of living making the depreciation of the Ringgit more acute.

24. Najib may be able to buy his way through in the next election but he will not be able to acquire funds to sustain his purchase of popularity. The Government he leads will not be able to borrow. The country’s economy will collapse. And the people will suffer. This is the grim picture that lies in store for Malaysians because Najib has basically stolen the Government."


WAKAKAAKAKA, orang-orang melayu akan tahu macam mana rasanya azab hidup orang2 indon, pinoi-pinoi dan banglas. thank you UMNO! rasakan .....

Anonymous said...

What if u are as stupid as najib n ahmad maslan..?

Anonymous said...

dah ramai orang orang komen pasal pasangan fofular ni.

aku nak komen benda lain lah.

nak tanya tuan Apanama pasai quote James Freeman Clarke kat bawah gambaq Tun tu.

A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.

tapi kalau perdana menteri dan presiden parti who neither think of the next election nor the next generation macam suami perempuan fofular tu. kita nak panggil apa eh?

- jiwa kacau -

Anonymous said...

That is why we need someone whom 'they' cannot use arm-twist. I also want to hear the denials from them about these extravaganzas

Anonymous said...

Saya selalu berpesan.....


Lena yg amat panjang sebenarnya amat membebankan. Maka bangun kan lah minda yg selama ini d liputi keselesaan walaupun ianya hanya lah bayangan kabur dlm khayalan. Ranjau dan duri sentiasa ada utk memusnahkan bangsa tercinta....maka bersatulah demi kalimah yg sama.


Anonymous said...

Arwah Tun Razak's lifetime work, destroyed by the eldest son.
Sad to see the Razak name remembered for the wrong reasons.
I wish he would reflect on that.
Its not sustainable, the people will win eventually.

Kazzam said...

Falcon Bank is owned by Aabar

After all, there is another extremely loud connection jangling in the minds of informed Malaysians linking Aabar to the Prime Minister’s finances in this matter.

As Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal pointed out when they revealed the existence of Najib’s secret pre-election ‘donation’, the money was traced as having originated from a BVI company account in Falcon Bank in Singapore.

It was transferred in two payments in dollar currency via the Wells Fargo Bank in the United States into one of Najib’s many AmPrivate Banking accounts in KL.

The owner of Falcon Bank is none other than Aabar.

The original Chairman of Falcon Bank, when it was bought by Aabar in 2009 had been Khadem al Qubaisi himself. By the time of this particular transfer in 2013 the Chairman was his trusty and ubiquitous deputy Mohammed al-Husseiny (cited above as having attended the joint venture signing with 1MDB days before in KL).
The ubiquitous Deputy for Khadem al Qubaisi was Mohamed al-Husseiny

The ubiquitous Deputy for Khadem al Qubaisi was Mohamed al-Husseiny

So, once again we are presented with a glaring link with Aabar and another good reason for the Prime Minister to be forced to deny that this Abu Dhabi joint venture party, which has done so well out of 1MDB had nothing to do with the splendid secret donation that he personally received.
Aabar’s other Najib bail-outs
Rosmah's son Riza and partner at Red Granite finally admitted that the Aabar CEO had paid (personally) for their movie

Rosmah’s son Riza and partner at Red Granite finally admitted that the Aabar CEO had paid (personally) for their movie

It is appropriate in this context to remind readers of other acknowledged instances when Khadem and his deputy Mohammed al-Husseiny have been known to bail out Najib with terrifically generous investments.

The first occasion was when the Prime Minister and his step-son Riza attempted to shut down the growing clamour in Hollywood over who had bankrolled Riza’s film production company Red Granite’s US$100 million investment in the film Wolf of Wall Street.

After months of refusing to disclose their investors (in the face of speculation that none other than Riza’s good friend Jho Low might have been involved) Red Granite suddenly announced that the money had come from none other than the very same Mohammed al-Husseiny, Khadem’s deputy at Aabar, who had allegedly plucked the US$100 million out of his own pocket.

Since Mr al-Husseiny is merely an executive, all be it a senior one, at Aabar, this suggestion produced astonishment, but that has remained Red Granite’s story on the matter.

Of course, given Aabar’s financial ties with 1MDB, observers like Sarawak Report have been driven to question why this investment by al-Hussieny should be considered any more appropriate in terms of conflict of interest than if the financier had indeed been Jho Low?

We have received no reply on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Didnt Monetary Authority of Singapore freeze the two bank accounts where the balance of the rm2 billion was sent back? It was reported that PM went to Singapore in July and tried t reopen the two accounts but couldnt.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! That is why election campaign fund laws need to be tightened up.
But even without laws, we should still expect our leaders not to allow foreign influences to dictate policies.
Its sad that our own PM has exposed his weaknesses to the rest of the world.
One can only hope that no one exploits it.