Sunday 12 July 2015

Statement by Bank Negara Malaysia

Bank Negara Malaysia strongly condemns allegations that officials of the Bank leaked information to the media. Such allegations are without basis.

In this regard, the Bank has lodged a police report. Bank Negara Malaysia remains steadfast in our quest to uncovering the truth in a fair and just manner.

In discharging its accountability, the Bank is not aligned to any faction and will not betray the trust of the public. Bank Negara Malaysia will also investigate any breaches to the laws it administers.

The Bank, as part of the Special Task Force, continues to remain committed towards achieving the objectives of the Special Task Force. In this endeavour, the Bank has the full support of the Special Task Force.

Bank Negara Malaysia
12 July 2015


Anonymous said...

Concerted efforts to undermine the task force? Task force is also investigating several individuals and foundations linked to PMO?
Who fears task force exposing truth?

Rahman Dahlahlan

Anonymous said...

This RPK moron is a sheer waste of govt money.

Tipu sekali, dua kali, you can escape.

When you cry wolf every week, people just ignore you.

Tak pandai spin, jangan cuba lah.

Credibility = zero.

He is actually hurting his paymaster.

Anonymous said...

Zeti's credibility is at stake, she needs to clarify and be transparent as to why AmBank was not investigated over the transfers of the huge funds into Najib's private accounts, into Rosmah's accounts, the allegedly improper holdings of cash/assets/units at BSI Singapore when BSI and MAS had already alerted BNM, and many other issues at 1MDB. Many times Zeti when asked she relied on the statement that these were confidential, and no further action?
Well, Zeti, this is all nonsense, and we thank agencies such as WSJ and SR for opening our eyes.
YOu cannot justify that the funds in Najib's accounts were not used for personal gain, because this would be misleading the rakyat again. Same goes for Rosmah's account. And, why still keep so silent on BSI Singapore?

The rakyat expects you to be sincere, honest, and transparent as you hold the office of Bank Negara Governor.

Bank lu bapak punya? said...

Has Bank Negara lodge police report on the remittnce of US$700 million into Najib personal accounts in AmBank and subsequently them?

If not , why ?

Anonymous said...

Good for Zeti the BN Governor that BN has come out with a strong statement to deny the stupid allegations by MT.

The rakyat deserves to know the truth, and we wait for regular feedback from the task force, not denials or non-information.

Anonymous said...

No one listens to RPK anyone, he has lost the plot and the credibility.

Anonymous said...

Letter to the Finance Minister of Singapore concerning Mr. Najib's fund transfers

Anonymous said...

@ Sunday, July 12, 2015 10:31:00 p.m.

"No one listens to RPK anyone, he has lost the plot and the credibility."

But not his ego.

Baca blog dia rasa nak muntah.

So smug, so superior, so syok sendiri....yet so irrelevant.

And now, kantoi lying through his teeth.

As always.

Anonymous said...

Dia dpt bmw baru wooo...RPK!! Lu memang 1 bangsat melayu xde telor gak!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:40:00

Anonymous said...

Chedet's latest entry is very solemn, sad and almost sounds like a disappointment. May Allah gives him good health, strength and as always his sharp mind, Amin!

Hoping he gets to see the country being aligned back to its main tracks (from deviation) with all government agencies working towards a REAL, OPENED & TRANSPARENT investigations.