Friday 24 July 2015

Is Malaysia ruled by criminals now?

I don't think so. I don't think we are ruled by criminals although there has been increasing worry about corruption, abuse of power and outright treason at the corridors of power. There could just be one or two, if not a few, rascals whose cover is being blown away. They will face the music sooner... or later.

As a nation which broke free from the shackles of colonialism in 1957, we have been generally ruled and administered by men and women of great wisdom, good character, love for the nation and above all unquestionable loyalty to this land. 

Surely along the way we have had scums and rascals who tried to abuse little influence and power they had for monetary gains and personal elevation. We can proudly say that almost all of them failed in one way or another, sooner or later. Some so miserable in later life while the no so lucky ones suffering public shame not long after their sin against this nation and her people.

Malaysia has stood all such tests and tribulations and grew stronger. One of the underlying reasons why Malaysia could stand tall is due to the strength and wisdom of the unassuming Malaysians. Yes, us the ordinary Malaysians. 

Malaysians may appear quiet and easy-going with loads of 'tidak apa' attitude but we can easily differentiate between right and wrong. We don't need a Harvard tutorial for that skill. The awareness level is relatively good. Quality of parenting is also not so bad. I'm sure every parent would remind their children that cheating, stealing and trying to cover up theft and cheating by telling lies is forbidden. Parents pass on what has been drilled into them by their parents and such acts are forbidden in every religion, race, ethnicity. As a society, we are yet to go astray in that sense.  

So, coming back to the question of exposing crime. I'm sure we Malaysians could see the difference between a crime and the many acts to cover up the crime. 

Exposing a crime is not yet a crime in Malaysia and I'm sure it will stay that way as long as we the ordinary Malaysians keep our eyes and ears open.

I think this is NOT A CRIME... Yes, we misled Justo on payment to get proof of US$1.83 billion scam
What do you think?

While the Task Force - (Attorney General, Bank Negara, Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) are busy at work investigating a massive crime against this nation, there seems to be increased attempts to divert our attention away from that investigations of the crime of 'treason against our King and country'. Theft, money laundering and such are ancillary to treason.

We trust the Task Force investigating the channelling of Billion of Ringgit into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak's personal bank account won't be arresting innocent people from the streets of Kuala Lumpur based on tampered documents and hearsay evidence from mentally retarded bankrupts. 

We are confident that the task force would leave no stones unturned, including those sinister attempts to cover up by some highly placed officials... if any.

Remember that covering up a crime is a serious crime. Exposing a crime is not and never will be, especially when the crime is against this nation.

Stand up. Don't let rascals and scums with little power and influence to bully you. 


Anonymous said...

Ya strange happenings ...

Rafizi, Tony Pua banned from leaving country for no reason

Three "witnesses" until proven guilty - Jho Low, Faisal and Suboh went MIA - no travel ban

Whistle-blowers harrassed???

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a crime to obtain the 1MDB info to expose how a small group of Malaysians and foreigners cheated the people of Malaysia of US$1.83 billion?
1MDB data remain untampered and have been handed over to BNM and PDRM to assist in their investigations.
It would have been a crime by Justo if he had altered them.
Justo has confirmed the 1MDB data was not tampered with.

Putrajaya misled the Malaysian rakyat, first by saying the Cayman funds were transferred in cash, then later revised to assets, and then later on to units. Up to today, Putrajaya/1MDB has still not come clean as to the type of units and their current market value. Want to ask if this was a crime? The "lies" were spoken knowingly with the intention to deceive us and when found out, the rakyat has been and is still given the run-around. Crime, lah!

Anonymous said...

Is the IGP/PDRM going after JLow, Faisal and Suboh? Got Interpol to help ?
Let's see how the drama unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Bad guys freely moving around, leaving or left the country, while the good guys are being summoned and questioned by the police and travel bans imposed on them.
Bankrupts and proven liars becoming witnesses for the gomen.
Strange happenings, like the sun rising in the west, the moon turning blue.

Anonymous said...

A person once asked the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): "What is faith?" The Prophet replied: "When a good deed becomes pleasing to you and an evil deed disgusts you, then you are a believer." He was then asked: "What is a sin?" The Prophet said: "When something pricks your conscience, give it up." (Al-Tirmidhi)

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Help your brother, whether he be an oppressor or he is the oppressed." They asked, "It is right to help the oppressed one, but how should we help an oppressor?" The Prophet said, "By preventing him from oppressing others." (Sahih Al-Bukhari, 3:624)

Anonymous said...

This is a dangerous place to live in.. Not because of the people who do wrong things, but because of the people who let wrong things happen.
-Ninoy Aquino

Anonymous said...

Please check all Thai police / NST stories on Justo since he was arrested.

The "script" has changed several times.

Anonymous said...

We have been ruled by criminals since 2009.Innocent Mongolian lady got blowned up, plane go missing, plane shot down and funds in billions went missing.

Anonymous said...

every single one in the current cabinet is either a criminal or a rascal.

Anonymous said...

get rid of all these Sahih Al-Bukharis, whacky hearsay, jadi bodoh!

Anonymous said...

some small potatoes will get fried, all the big baboons will get off scot-free.

Anonymous said...

we are not rule by the unassuming and the ordinary Malaysians lah bro. the scums who cannot differentiate between right and wrong are in control. who are we kidding?


Geng Mamak said...

Who cares if Justo was paid or not ? If he has been labelled as a criminal, why pay him ? Did the Straits Times too pay him (and perhaps others) to get an interview with him ? We are more interested in the missing billions. Not a man in Thai detention !

Anonymous said...

Of course if you don't care about responsibilities, trust and integrity then you are not totally to be blamed as you may have not received a proper upbringing from your parents.

Anonymous said...

What a rebellious attitude! Did you graduate in philosophy of religion or history of ideas?

Anonymous said...

"MUTAKHIR Pelik dan hairan. Macam mana orang yang dikehendaki oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia dan Bank Negara tiba-tiba menghilangkan diri dan PDRM belum membuat sebarang tangkapan.

Daripada laporan media massa, khususnya media arus perdana, PDRM sangat beriltizam mahu mengorek berita daripada Andre Justo yang dalam tahanan Polis Thai. Apakah Justo begitu tahu mengenai 1MDB?

Apa matlamat Pasukan Petugas Khas – nak siasat ke mana duit 1MDB lesap atau nak dengar cerita Justo? Boleh dengar cerita Justo. Tapi duit yang lesap wajib dikesan. Itu bukan duit rakyat jelata Malaysia. Ia bukan modal Pak Arab atau duit sadakah Putera Puteri Arab."

--A Kadir Jasin

Anonymous said...

tolong lah KSN ali hamsa.. jgn lah cuba campurtangan kerja2 task force.

SolitaireHunter said...

Di Thailand 72 orang telah ditangkap dan didakwa termasuk panglima tentera dan pegawai kanan polis berhubung dengan isu pemerdagangan manusia dan penemuan kubur besar pendatang haram. Di Malaysia se ekor lipas pun belum didakwa!. KPN sedang sibuk kesana ke mari termasuk ke Bangkok untuk mempertahankan bos nya....

Praxis said...

I think there is risk of we becoming a police state, and this will be the tendency of those who make illicit gains as they cannot hold on to power through democratic means.

If you believe that after years of merdeka we are truly free of such tendencies or unlikley to give in, then good.

If half the vote of the nation succumbs to the authoritarian, minded thinking, then I worry.

Children can forget or change, we know.

Why has it taken so long for people to appreciate Dr Mahathir speaking, acting from truth and democratic ideals?

Anonymous said...

Carried in the Raykat Post:
KUALA LUMPUR, July 24, 2015:

Former New Straits Times group editor Datuk Syed Nadzri Syed Harun has lambasted the the Home Ministry’s move to suspend the publishing permit of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily for three months.

“Are we living in the 70s, in China?

“Come on. Suspend for what reason? Publishing lies? Who is lying? Has that been established?

“We have an internet highway cutting across the land and yet there’s a move to ban newspapers,” he told The Rakyat Post.

He said he did not understand the move.

“I don’t get it. If they are wrong sue them.”

Veteran newsman Datuk Nuraina Samad called the suspension of The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily a “tragedy”.

She said as a journalist, she could not support the suspension of any publication.

“This is the principle held by journalists, I cannot support suspension of any publication unless that publication clearly and blatantly promotes, for example terrorism or violence.

“Even if a newspaper published reports deemed to be promoting extremism in whatever beliefs, suspension is not and can never be the action to take. We have laws to deal with these things.

“We all have our own stand on this issue, you may agree or disagree with reports published by The Edge,” she told The Rakyat Post.

She said whatever the view on The Edge and the way they obtained information, it did not justify a suspension.

“You may not like the way it obtained information to come out with the reports.

“You may even believe that the reports are damning and is a security threat.

“It certainly cannot justify suspension. This is 2015 and we are still doing suspensions. A tragedy.”

Meanwhile, Gerakan Media Marah (Geramm) condemned the move calling it the government’s attempt to clamp down on the media, via its control over printing licenses issued under the archaic Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

“We reiterate our call for the government to abolish the PPPA as there are existing legal recourse to be taken in the event of any disputes over a published report, as well as to follow global democratic best practices,” it said through a press statement.

It noted that there were moral and ethical questions, following The Edge’s admission that it had obtained information through ‘dubious’ means.

“While noting it, Geramm maintains that the media should have the ability to investigate matters of public interest, that would have otherwise not see the light of day.

“Since The Edge had denied tampering with documents and investigations are still ongoing with no conclusive findings, Geramm believes that the Home Ministry had acted in bad faith against The Edge in the suspension.

“Geramm stands in solidarity with its brothers and sisters in The Edge and would like to call on the entire media fraternity to do the same. “

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) echoed the condemnation of the suspension calling it, “an extremely heavy-handed measure and a breach of freedom of expression and media freedom in particular. “

“To justify such a serious and extreme measure, it is wholly insufficient for the Home Ministry to merely make sweeping, general claims about prejudice to public order, security or alarm. It must specify exactly how The Edge’s reporting on 1MDB would jeopardise public order or security.

“CIJ calls on the Home Minister to lift the suspension against The Edge newspapers immediately and to respect media freedom and freedom of expression.

The Edge Media Group today, cited a Home Ministry letter that the two publications’ reports of the 1Malaysia Development Bhd’s (1MDB) alleged improprieties were deemed “prejudicial or likely to be prejudicial to public order, security or likely to harm public opinion or is likely to be prejudicial to public and national interest

Anonymous said...

there two sets of laws enforceable in this counrty one for the political elite n their cronies the other the rayaat at large

Anonymous said...

Come on bro Kadir .
Admit laaaa your gang shot their own foot .
All that was said came from fake source .
Justo already admit he was out to gain money by selling fake doc .
Lester admit he was one of those involved .
Tony admit he participated in the meeting.
Tong n Ho admitted they manipulated Justo.
Clare Brown admitted that she got the doc from Justo .

So all of them are criminal lah.
But since you too were using the same doc , that makes you a criminal too .

Alas .. not sure what to make out of Tun M ... A victim of conspiracy ?