Wednesday 22 July 2015

Has Najib Razak been barred from leaving the country?

I deliberated upon this issue more than two weeks ago after the earth shattering WSJ report which exposed that approximately USD 700 million was channelled into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak's personal bank accounts. That is about RM2.6 billion ringgit. 

Now, two weeks down the road, there has been many interesting developments, including a few clowns who have been trying to amuse us Malaysians with their tall tales and 'conspiracy to topple the Government' stories. 

So far there has been two arrests by the Task Force which is investigating the 'channelling of billions of ringgit into the Prime Minister's personal bank accounts'. Understandably, critics and able-minded Malaysians who are tired with the 1MDB drama are looking for a quick end. Some say those arrested are just the 'small fry' while the sharks are still scheming to cover up. 

Those concerned, including individuals entrusted to lead vital institutions and agencies must always remind themselves that they are appointed to serve the country and her people and not any particular individual or groups. These trusted men and women must specifically remember that they are not the servant of the Prime Minister or any other politicians and/or their family members. If your mind goes astray, remember your oath of office before DYMM YDP Agong. Public perception and trust in your institution is vital, as such don't continue to plant seeds of doubt via unbecoming conducts. Remember that you are high level civil servants and not any politicians' errand boys. Leave the running of errands to capable Ministers, the likes of Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Ahmad Maslan.

Coming back to the issue at hand, has the Prime Minister and his close family members (including his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor) been barred from leaving the country? I suppose that would be the right thing to do as Najib is the main suspect in the USD 700 million money in the bank investigations. Najib is directly and indirectly implicated in far too many crimes of abuse of power, tax evasion, possible money laundering and slightly smaller ones like telling lies in Dewan Rakyat. 

There has also been some expose of the approximately RM2million deposit into full-time housewife Rosmah's personal account. All these can't be swept under the carpet while screaming at the top of your voice that 'there is a conspiracy to topple the Government'. 

All Malaysians are interested in at this moment is to nab and nail those band of robbers, particularly their big boss... whoever that is.

With the latest arrests, those who still place their full trust and confidence in the Task Force are hoping that the noose is tightening for the culprits who conspired to rob this nation. 

Malaysians view the arrests as initial steps towards a bigger catch. Though the sceptics are still around there is overwhelming hope and renewed confidence in the enforcement agencies i.e. the Task Force following these arrests.

I just hope we don't let the big fish to escape, knowingly, before the net is cast.

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Mustapha Ong said...

Why should DS Najib be barred from leaving the country? Has PM Najib committed any criminal acts, including the controversial 1MDB scandal? Not guilty until DS Najib is pronounced guilty! As for Datin Rismah's RM2 million deposited in her account....don't tell me that DS Najib who has been in the political leadership since the age of 22 years...the youngest MP, the youngest MB, the youngest Federal Minister and the youngest PM from 2009 could not afford to give his wife RM2million? Stupid lah as this accusation is fraud!

Anonymous said...

it is game over.

with the so called arrests in these 2 days plus the just so called blacklisted people from leaving the country plays, the pattern is obvious that this federal government has exploited whatever power available and abusing them to the max.

there is no more way to win this, i think is time to give up to this most evil federal government this nation has ever witnessed, most probably most corrupt federal overnment in the world now.

frontline people having similar views like apanama, ostb, akj, zam, tdm, the edge guys, dinturtle ... etc plus odinary ones like us, all malaysians only, will be all arrested in this and max next month.

while for the foreigners having the same views, they are lucky because this inferiority complex evil federal government are scared of them and most of all, having absolutely no truth to counter them.

once the so called task force found all the crime links to their boss, all trace will be saved for later blackmailing, and then create fake data to fill in the blanks for show.

so all the best and take our last breathe, hope we dont die in custody.

evil wins.

Anonymous said...

Maybe BNM and MACC are doing the right thing. The others, dunno.

Just hope that Sharkfee is not made the new A-G before the probe is complete.

He is a complete crook and will save the unworthy bugis & hippo.

Who loses?

30 million Malaysians do.

Let's hope he is disbarred before that happens.

Anonymous said...

Mustapha Jilatbontot,

"....the youngest MP, the youngest MB, the youngest Federal Minister and the youngest PM from 2009 could not afford to give his wife RM2million?"

What does youth have to do with it?

Then why the panicked denial by the Affin bag carrier and the sudden deletion of his Facebook account?

If it comes to light that the hippo had RM100 million, what will you say then?

Apanama said...

Please try to keep 'comments' and ID clean. I can't publish those that are too vulgar. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Mustapha Ong,why don't you explain where the money come from in few batch of deposits into the account then? simple as that but with facts and figures,not just denial and spinning.

Anonymous said...

Mustapha Ong - you must be one amongst that few stupid morons within Najib's circle and born only yesterday. For your info Rosmah account received RM2 mil is in the year within 3 months period and not years ago. Need further info ? go and find it your self.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha then show us the proof lah....squeeky clean money

Even jibby's sibling keep their distance....

Anonymous said...

Latest news. Singapore authority has freez 2 accounts related to 1MDB in Singspore. No further details were disclosed during this ongoing investigation. Obviously The Commercial Affair Department of Singapore will not act if there is no case. Hope to see some arrestment to be follow up after this.

Anonymous said...

Trust my ass! Only morons will still put trust on other morons. I bet both my balls the investigation will clear jibby pok. Please keep my comment for future reference. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wayang! All will be well for najib and ros when the curtain comes down.


Anonymous said...

Al-Fatiha for the protection of the men and women of true faith and good character:

In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

Praise be to the Lord of the Worlds,

All Compassionate and Merciful One!

Sovereign of the Day of Judgement,

Thee do we worship and Thine aid do we seek.

Lead us on the Straight Way,

The Way upon which Thou doth bestow Thy graces.

Not the ways upon which is Thy Wrath,

Nor the ways of those who have gone astray.


Anonymous said...


banking in large amount of CASH within short period of time into same account is normal to you? there is a law against it not just in Malaysia lah, have you heard of money laundering doh?

Anonymous said...

Bro Mustapha Ong, If your argument of Najib being the youngest MP or everything youngest and that he can afford to give RM2mil , then Bro you are in the dreamland. something is not right, that is all I can say. with his MP salary and the way they spend it is not possible. You can work till the cow comes home, you will never be able. look at the spending, bro

Geng Mamak said...

Najib can deny outright that he had nothing to do with Altantuya and he is not involved.

Can he do the same with the Ambank account and deposits ? If it was such an easy exercise, wouldn't it be a walk in the park with a piece of cake for Lim Kok Wing ?

For those of you defending Najib, you may want to get your heads up and think. Not sink it in mud and ponder !

Unknown said...

Can najib support his wife 200k per week? May be the wife has incriminating evidence against najib? ? Wallahualam

Conspiracy Theorist said...

From DAKJ's Blog article comment:-


Dear debaters,

1. The Sun reported: “Three prominent Malaysian businessmen sought to assist investigations of fraud, mismanagement and corruption in 1MDB and related companies, are no longer in the country.

Members of the investigating team of the Special Task Force have been unable to locate Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil and Datuk Suboh Mohd Yassin. They were supposed to have given statements over various transactions linked to the private banking account supposedly belonging to the Prime Minister.” (Read more here:

2. They could have been hiding in the neighbouring countries, most likely Indonesia where the PM and wife are known to have many close friends and contacts.

3. They won’t go to Singapore where they could be arrested as Singapore is investigating 1MDB’s bank accounts there.

4. Other “wanted persons” may be thinking of doing the same thing. So it is important that they be arrested immediately and their travel abroad restricted.

5. As for allegation of conspiracy to topple Mohd Najib, I think it is nothing more than a ruse. What conspiracy are we talking about when the opposition to Mohd Najib happens openly and in the media?

6. Maybe some people don't even understand what conspiracy is. What is so conspiratorial when well-meaning people get together to expose wrongdoings?

7. Conspiracy, if any is when billions of ringgit of public funds and state assets are being used for illegal and undesignated purposes for the benefit of a few important people. It is a conspiracy to defraud and if punishable under the law.

Wallahuaklam. Thank you.
10:57 AM

Anonymous said...

Are the cabinet minister salaries too low for the present standard of living in Malaysia especially when we compare them to the cosmic proportions of Singapore's ministerial salaries. Lee Kuan Yew insisted that their paychecks should be gauged according to the wages of top corporate public-sector personnel,in order to discourage improper practices in civil servants.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mustapha ong is a disgrace to the association of stupid